Sarah B. Campbell Enterprise Center

The 2100 square foot center is located on the first floor of 7800 Susquehanna Street. Bridgeway offers business accelerator services and the space is available to reserve for business meetings. Small businesses, community members, and 7800 Tenants are invited to use the Enterprise Center to support and strengthen their business activities. 

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7800 Susquehanna Street

is a hub for manufacturing, makers, small businesses, nonprofits and job training.

Since, 2013 Bridgeway Capital has been transforming 7800 Susquehanna Street into a beacon of opportunity in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The 150,000-square-foot manufacturing building has 24 tenants employing more than 100 people from inside and outside the community. Bridgeway offers business accelerator services and meeting space at the Sarah B. Campbell Enterprise Center at 7800 to support and strengthen small business activities in Homewood.

Our Tenants

use their entrepreneurial skills for the greatest community benefit.

Tenants at 7800 Susquehanna Street are artists, makers, manufacturers, small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and students learning new job skills. View our tenant page to see who's working in the building.

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